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Why You and Your Family Need Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance is frequently dismissed in the UK, why?

Is it because we all have access to the NHS for free? As much as we all appreciate the NHS, the level of services they provide can sometimes seem rushed, hard to access and come with lengthy waiting lists.

There is another option. Compare Medical Plans offer a bespoke comparison service and are partnered with some of the UK’s biggest health insurance providers. From the price of a coffee and a piece of cake each month, you can be covered for quality Private Medical Insurance. YouGov’s “Healthcare Choices: NHS versus Private” report demonstrates that 41% of individuals in the UK think that the free health service as it exists today is unlikely to last until 2020.

Private Medical Insurance is increasingly popular with individuals and families because of the advantages it offers.

  • Access to Consultants and Specialists
  • Choice of private hospitals with no waiting
  • Visiting times that are less restrictive than the NHS
  • Online services that mean you can see a Doctor without waiting days
  • Access to services in your area that the NHS may not offer – diagnostic tests, complementary therapies

You can choose a Private Medical Insurance plans just begins from as little as £5 a month. Plans can be created to suit your individual or family needs with special add-on benefits like surgery, dental care, cancer care even worldwide cover depending on your needs.

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